• Teknolozi dan ou Porté
  • Teknolozi dan ou Porté


    About “Teknolozi dan ou Porté”

    This project is an Inclusive Digital Literacy Program (IDLP) that will target the vulnerable. It is a national endeavour to address the digital divide perpetuated by inequalities related to physical access to ICT, low-literacy, low economic status and inadequate social and health awareness.

    The program will promote safe use of digital technologies to access information, communication, e-Governance services, job skills, learning, and financial services such as online banking and e-health services. It will include both technical and social dimensions with the goal of empowering housewives, senior citizens, people with disabilities and the unemployed to develop not only technical abilities, but also life skills and access to services. They encompass universal literacy, creative literacy and literacy in multiple disciplines.

    In view to outreach the population at large, “Teknolozi dan ou Porté” will be organized in 5 districts for 2 weeks.


    • Emerging Technologies: Coding with Lego, Mindstorm, IoT, 3D Printing demos and awareness.
    • ChILD in primary schools in that region – Coding Microbit
    • Awareness/Literacy: ICT Literacy & Social Media (Housewives & Unemployed), Awareness for Senior Citizens
    • Technopreneurs: Advice on business plans, financing & incubators
    • • A Kiosk Informatik for:
      • Cyber Security awareness, including on social media and reporting on Maucors
      • GOC Support Desk for encouraging citizens to use Government online services
      • Assistance in Installing and using Mobile apps for accessing public services
      • Mau Sign