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    The GOC provides comprehensive information on government services via fully secured online applications, delivered through the Government Web Portal on a 24x7 basis. These services are supported by a modern IT infrastructure to enable IT optimisation in the public sector.

    As the GOC is constantly looking to further improve its delivery of IT, a Service and Change cluster has been set up to ensure that ITIL best practices are adopted. The Service and Change Management Cluster operates the Service Desk (Help Desk) which is a single point of contact where service requests, incidents, problems are reported.

    Application and technical issues that cannot be resolved by the Service Desk are escalated to relevant administrators or as a last resort to third parties. Furthermore, all tasks pertaining to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Maintenance Agreements, IT Assets Management and software licensing are handled by the Service and Change Cluster. A service Catalogue, which outlines the current technical services provided by the GOC has already been developed and is currently in its deployment phase.



    For support on Government e-Services, you may contact the GOC Support:

       5258-7631, ​5258-8172, ​5259-7580, ​5944-7238


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