• Open Source applications for SMEs
  • Open Source applications for SMEs

    In view of promoting the adoption of open source in Mauritius NCB is setting up a repository for all Open Source applications (Linux and Windows) for the benefit of SMEs.

    Often, one of the most daunting part of running or expanding a small business is selecting the proper software to accompany its growth, especially for businesses which are family run.

    SMEs limited manpower, finances and time require guidance to select among the thousands of software, apps and tools. Many tools are available as monthly or yearly subscriptions, and those costs can add up fast; however free or open source alternatives do exist and can be customized for Mauritian SMEs.

    Two pilot sites have been completed (for Linux and Windows) comprising close to a hundred open source Operating Systems, Office tools and various applications, whether as standalone ones or cloud-based. They will be merged as one website.


    The 6 main application categories of interest to local SMEs would fall within:

    • Finance / Accounting / Invoicing : ledger, expense tracking, bank transactions, receipt management, recurring invoicing etc..
    • Templates / Contracts : business and legal templates; tools to help small business owners with planning, finance, sales, marketing and management.
    • Customer relationship management (CRM), software for tracking a company‚Äôs interactions with clients and prospects; access to sales force automation leads, contacts, accounts, tasks and opportunities; team collaboration tools
    • Web & Social Media : company web site, social media presence, online payments
    • Email marketing : automated email campaigns, mailing lists, tracking of responses
    • Human Resources : Payroll / Attendance / Overtimes / Vacations & Leaves

    Guides on these applications and their installations are under way.

    Training will be provided to small businesses for installation of applications, accessing cloud based tools and their utilization.


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